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What is this form?

This form is to apply for legal assistance from LawWorks, which is a pro bono legal service connecting volunteer lawyers to people, charities, and businesses who need legal help.

We give free legal help in limited situations. To be eligible, your problem needs to be something that fits our expertise, capacity, and policies.

We assess each application individually in order to determine if we can assist. We prioritise helping people and organisations that are most in need.

IP Pro Bono

If you are applying for assistance through IP Pro Bono, then under Application Type below please select Individual (if the application is for yourself) or Organisation (if the application is for a business).

When describing your issue, please provide the full details of the relevant IP right:

  • If your application relates to a patent, please state the registration number, the title of the patent and details of the owner.
  • If your application relates to a trade mark, please identify the mark, details of the owner, whether or not it is registered (include registration number), date of registration or first use and frequency of use.
  • If your application relates to a design, please identify the design, details of the owner and/or creator, whether or not it is registered (include registration number), date of registration or date of creation and date of first sale (if applicable).
  • If your application relates to copyright, please identify the work, details of the owner and/or author, date of creation, when it was first disclosed and date of first sale (if applicable).

Please give IP Pro Bono a minimum of 3 weeks' notice of any hearing date or deadline from the date all of the information needed to assess your case is sent to us (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

The dispute or case, including meeting deadlines in correspondence or court proceedings and attending hearings, remains your responsibility at all times.

Please make sure you attach the following documents, including any email correspondence, with your application:

  • Details of the relevant IP right e.g. a copy of the patent, registered trade mark, registered design or details of unregistered trade marks, design rights or copyright;
  • Letters or opinions from solicitors, barristers, attorneys or other advisers;
  • Key correspondence with any other person(s) involved, or their attorneys;
  • If seeking help with an appeal, a copy of the judgment being appealed;
  • If seeking help about a contract or formal document relating to IP, a full copy of the contract or document.

Please put your documents in date order and provide a list of them at the front.

Please note, IP Pro Bono will communicate by email or telephone. Please check your spam folder if you have one and add to your ‘safe senders’ list.

What happens next?

After an application is submitted, you will get a confirmation email. We may call or email you asking for more information before we determine whether we can assist you.

We aim to acknowledge applications within 7 days, however it may take longer over holiday or busy periods. If there are any urgent upcoming deadlines, we may not be able to assist beforehand.

By submitting this form, you certify that the information in this application is, to the best of your knowledge, true, accurate and complete, and you understand that any decision to refer a case to a volunteer attorney for assistance is taken on that basis. Assistance is not guaranteed at any stage.


I understand that this is an application only, that I am making a request for assistance, and until LawWorks indicates that legal assistance will be provided, no client-solicitor relationship is created.

Application Type

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